PinPoint Strategies recognizes that evolving market trends make it necessary to continuously develop new ways of doing business. This is a true for us as well as for our clients.

To better serve our clients, we have taken five different business segments – video production, web design and development, mobile optimization, online marketing strategy, and lead generation software – and united them under the PinPoint Strategies brand. We are, in essence, your digital studio to strategically deliver skills essential to your growth. Today the combined talents of our people and the reach of our consolidated services allows us to offer clients tailored solutions that aim to transform their brands and grow their businesses.

Our award-winning video production studio specializes in forming close relationships with our clients, becoming thoroughly immersed in their business, their philosophy and their character. This profound desire to help them tell their unique story, coupled with our technical expertise, allow us to create dynamic videos that reflects the best of who they are.

Our web and mobile production group brings all of our expertise together to showcase your business online in the most innovative and effective way.

Our marketing campaigns, both online and in print, are ready to get people to know all about you and seek out your services.

Our proprietary lead generation software, Strategies Connect and Recruiting Connect® enables organizations to take monitoring and lead tracking to the next level. You can learn why prospects visit your site, where they go and how often they come back.

Under the name, Recruiting Connect©, this branded product has been in the field since 2006 and is used by numerous organizations to identify the right candidate to fill their open positions.

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