Strategies Connect™  and Recruiting Connect® software tracks everything. Through our SmartPoint Campaigns, we give you the ability to pinpoint high quality targets, know exactly who they are and track their interest level across all campaign media. Whether you are looking for professional-level candidates for employment or prospecting for other high value individuals, such as donors, our software eliminates time-wasting cold calls and allows your team to focus their attention on what counts: qualified people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Whatever type of marketing campaign you have in mind, Strategies Connect™ is the central tracking system that gives you the high level view of how every tactic is performing, including print.

Other Systems

Most lead generation systems are geared to tracking digital campaigns, useful if all your outreach is digital. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) monitor people through the interview process. Sites like LinkedIn provide an undifferentiated ocean of resumes that require labor-intensive research, sorting and cold-calling people who aren’t necessarily looking for a job. And if your talent pool doesn’t use that platform, like many specialist engineers and doctors, it’s a dead end from the beginning.

Our Proven Advantage

We help you identify and pull in the right individual from the beginning. Start your calls with people who show the most interest. Drive revenue more quickly by reducing the time it takes to fill an opening or fundraising goal.

Our software tools enable you cut through the high noise level of email clutter and low open rates in the digital space. We give you the ability to track in one place all digital, snail mail, print and online advertising, gift packages, CDs and related campaign collateral.


We have the metrics that show concretely how all your campaigns are performing down to the unique individual. We optimize the search process to shorten the average time to fill a position or to bring in fundraising dollars.


We enjoy successful relationships with several applicant-tracking firms to help funnel the right people into the hiring channel. We work with in-house marketing departments and agencies to create engaging calls to action delivered to the right people.

To learn more about how we achieve our success realizing your at-risk revenue:

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