Mobile-optimized websites and mobile apps are highly focused tools that need to do just one thing well – make sure you can use your mobile device as efficiently and easily as possible. PinPoint Strategies works with you to design mobile apps that will get users to the task at hand, and then on their way. Our method is to ensure the app will actually be used by finding the right balance between simple operation and focused features without adding distracting options. We strive to create engagement that will help you connect with customers, or your audience and help grow your business.

We are constantly watching the direction of technological innovation in mobile computing. Today there is no need to build entirely separate online sites for desktop and laptop computers, tablets and phones. Using responsive frameworks and design we can build you a single efficient presence that will work for all.

The next wave in mobile will take a step beyond your phone. We are actively following developments in wearable devices. These have tremendous applications for the healthcare industry and soon they will be in demand for the assisted living and nursing home markets.

We offer custom development and semi-custom app creation through our point and click toolkit software. Whether it is for iPhone, iPad or Android platforms, we will advise you on best path to take to achieve your business application goals.

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