Recruiting Connect® software is a specialized version of Strategies Connect™.

It is highly suited for recruiters searching for professional-level employees who are difficult to locate through traditional search methods.

Specialists in many industries are difficult to identify and the market for the most qualified candidates is strong. Whether you are looking to hire offshore oil engineers, cardiac anesthesiologists or research scientists, Recruiting Connect® gives you the ability to identify high quality candidates, know exactly who they are and track their interest level across multiple types of media.

Recruiters can start their calls with people who show the most interest. Our tools enable the hiring team to maximize their resources and reduce time to fill the opening and drive revenue.

CASE STUDY: 10 Positions Filled in 2 Months via Targeted Video Mailer – At-Risk Gross Revenue Realized: $3.9 Million

PinPoint Strategies knows how to be in front of the sourcing, interviewing and hiring process.  We have the metrics to show impact and the business benefit of our approach. Send out fewer job offers and have higher numbers accepting them.

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