PinPoint Strategies offers three main areas of focus in support of healthcare and hospital systems’ marketing and public relations:

Web + Mobile – We specialize in online site development equally accessible via personal computers and cell phones to promote your facilities and quality of care to a general audience of patients and their families.

Video – We conceive, write and produce high quality videos that are closely tied into successful brand marketing, employee recruitment and patient education.

In localities where there are competing medical centers, promoting the brand through TV spots and online videos helps to confirm in patients’ mind that using your services and facilities is the best choice for their health.

For medical candidates, videos can share stories from the professionals’ point of view, show quality of life for their entire family and what is unique about the center as a work environment. Telling this part of the story well is often overlooked by the hiring organization, but it is a critical piece of the employment puzzle for making an affirmative decision to accept a job offer.

Educational videos geared to explaining to the patient and family what to expect before and after an operation goes a long way to allaying concerns about undergoing a procedure.

Recruitment Marketing – We know how to tell your story to top-level candidates. We build a complete experience targeted to applicants seeking to know more about the position and the work and lifestyle environment you offer. Whether it is a single campaign or a large promotional outreach we can achieve organizational goals through customized landing pages and recruitment portals. We can track interested candidates down to the individual person so that you know who’s coming and what key topics of interest have caught their eye. Your recruiters can focus their their time on the people who show the most interest. The objective: Reduce time to fill the opening and drive revenue.

CASE STUDY: Two Neurosciences Positions filled – Time Cycle: 8 months – At-Risk Revenue Realized: $3.5 Million

We can demonstrate the business benefit to your CFO, show the impact of our approach and help support the case to the leadership team. If you would like to reduce the number of interviews you conduct and be faster to hire:

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