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Lead Generation Software:
Home of Strategies Connect™ and Recruiting Connect®

[br] [p]Mass marketing has gone through a sea change with the rise of the Internet and new supporting technologies. Attending trade shows and buying mailings lists has lost its effectiveness for B2B outreach a world where everyone uses the web, search engines and a whole range social media tools to enhance their buying process. Savvy marketers need 21st Century tools to give them new ways to close the gap between the moment the first lead is generated and when the sale can be closed.[/p] [p]Meeting and engaging prospective customers now occurs in the cloud. That means companies need to know who is looking at them, what they are interested in and how often they come back to a web site – all before direct human contact is established. Without the right analytics businesses are flying blind.[/p] [p]Strategies Connect(tm) can eliminate the need for “cold” calls forever by letting you know exactly who is receptive to your campaign. Our software identifies and automatically helps you cultivate prospects that will eventually become buyers. It is customizable, targeted and specifically designed to utilize your core assets time and time again without wasted effort or unnecessary spending.[/p] [p]Recruiting Connect(r) provides the same data toolset for prospective employees. You should know exactly who is visiting your website and their interests. Having hard data allows you to use a soft, knowledgeable approach when you reach out to prospective recruits.[/p] [p]Let us help you recruit the RIGHT qualified candidates. Whether you are recruiting for healthcare, education, executive positions or off-shore oil engineers, you should be able to tell your story in a way that leverages your organizations mission and clearly differentiates you from your competition, while also speaking directly to your target audience.[/p] [p]Our two Connect systems put the tools in your hands allowing you to create personalized single landing pages or even a portal with links to precisely designed content geared to their interests and their needs.[/p] [p]Through PinPoint Strategies’ software you can track and generate reports that will enable you to close the sale or fill a key staff position utilizing proven recruiting and marketing strategies combined with dynamic media-driven solutions to bring your story to life and target those qualified prospects.[/p] [/raw] [/div]