Are you marketing to a new generation of caregivers, families and referral services?

Now, more than ever, there is a need to step up your marketing strategies by integrating web and mobile technology to best represent the quality care of your facility and care giving team.

  • More than 50% of people searching for you use smart phones or tablets.
  • Does your website speak to the new mobile generation? Or does it look like its best on a computer screen only?

It’s time to redesign for the future.  Pinpoint Strategies can help.

Web + Mobile – We specialize in online site development equally accessible via personal computers and cell phones to promote your facilities and quality of care to a general audience of patients and their families.

Video – We conceive, write and produce high quality videos that are closely tied into successful brand marketing.

In both case study samples below, Pinpoint Strategies was hired to redesign the website. With today’s web users preferring to watch instead of read, Pinpoint Strategies also produced marketing videos for the website that could also by uploaded to YouTube.   The new website was built using responsive design techniques and dynamically adjusts the layout and navigation to align with the device being used.  As a result, the website supports mobile phones, tablets and computer/laptop users showing the website in an easy to view layout matched to the device.


The Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center



The Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center